1 . Inspection for qualifying damages

Before calling your insurance company, call us to verify that you have the damage your insurance company would be looking for. We give you guidance on IF you should file a claim or not. 


Calling your insurance companies claim's department allows you to file a claim and schedule for an adjuster to come inspect the damages on site.


The adjuster is the representative from your insurance company who verifies or denies damages, documents his/her findings, writes a fair-market-value estimate for repair, and processes payments. Meeting with the adjuster allows us to represent you, to ensure that your claim goes fairly and no damages are overlooked.

4. Repair Process

Insurance companies pay funds based on their own estimates that THEY write. They write the estimate with a pricing software that changes monthly based on prices of building materials and labor costs in the region. They take your deductible out of the total which is your financial obligation to the claim, then they pay the remaining funds in two separate payments. FIRST, roughly half up-front. SECOND, the remaining funds are released when repairs are complete and they're based on the invoices sent in.

BEWARE that getting cheaper estimates does not save you money, in fact it takes away available funds and makes for cheaper repairs and cut corners. This also opens the door for insurance fraud. The best way to make repairs is to allow our project manager to show you all of your options to get necessary work done, and save you on out-of-pocket expenses.